Fair Use Policy

Welcome to the Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics (CAA) website/social media presence. Our intent is to provide a place for our members to get to know each other and share ideas and resources to build a stronger community. In keeping with our mission statement, “to create and foster a close-knit community of non-believers and to put a positive face on atheism through education, public outreach and community service,” we strive to keep the discussions welcoming and positive. You can help by reading the rules of our fair use policy below.

Fair Use Rules

  1. Use of the CAA constitutes acceptance of these fair use rules. Violations of the code of conduct may result in deleted posts/threads, forum suspensions, or a permanent ban, depending on severity and up to the discretion of officers. CAA and any of its designated administrators and moderators reserve the right to edit or remove any post, at any time, for any reason.
  2. Do not re-post posts or comments which have been locked or deleted by a moderator.
  3. Do not post any personally identifiable information of any other person unless that person has given express permission or previously and publicly posted that information themselves. Examples include, but are not limited to: full names, addresses, phone numbers, and unlisted email addresses.
  4. Regardless of consent, do not release private messages with or any of the other aforementioned personally identifiable information of any person with the intent to harass or demean.
  5. Do not post personal information of any member (including yourself) who is 13 or younger. (COPPA)
  6. Do not impersonate any member, organization, or other living person in an attempt to mislead or deceive.
  7. Abuse, harassment, and posts/comments that serve no purpose other than to belittle, enrage, incite, or insult another member are prohibited.
  8. Blatantly bigoted or hateful posts/comments outside of the context of intelligent discourse, if reported, may be locked or deleted by a moderator.
  9. Use of derogatory slurs for any person, race, culture, religion, orientation, gender, or other group in a demeaning context may result in a suspension or ban at the discretion of an officer.
  10. Links to outside sources which contain sexually explicit or graphically disturbing content must be clearly marked with a strong, prior warning if posted.
  11. Do not post veiled or explicit threats of violence towards any living person or place.
  12. Posts that encourage, advocate, or facilitate any activity that violates local or national laws are prohibited.