Welcome to Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics

Our Mission Statement:

To create and foster a close-knit community of non-believers and to put a positive face on atheism through education, public outreach and community service.

What Is Charlotte Atheists & Agnostics?
Charlotte Atheists & Agnostics (CAA) is a large diverse group of people who share in the belief that you do not need a god to have a fulfilling and happy life. CAA began its life through Meetup.com in 2002 by five friends looking for those who believed as they did. Over time, CAA began building an online communication system through social networks, and finally found a permanent home at the dedicated CAA website, www.charlotteatheists.org. It also has an online presence on Facebook, MeetUp, Instagram, and Twitter.

The group itself now has a monthly social dinner on the second Thursday of each month, including a healthy mix of old regulars and new faces each time. In addition, there is a group planning meeting on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

In March of 2009, we took a major step in the evolution of the group and began the affiliation process with Atheist Alliance America (www.atheistalliance.org). To become a member of Atheist Alliance, we first had to develop a basic organizational structure, including bylaws and an executive committee. At the March meeting, we agreed on what to include in the bylaws and elected our new officers. We are now also an affiliate of the American Humanist Association (www.americanhumanist.org) as well as American Atheists (www.atheists.org).

Other than just creating the formal structure of the group, we also needed to decide on a purpose for the group. After having been merely a social group for the first seven years, the growth in membership then allowed for new directions.  We were at a point where we decided to begin outreach into the community, letting the rest of Charlotte know we’re here with our charity drives, community service projects (including Adopt A City Street), ads, and activism. Some members have stuck to the social aspect and others have focused on outreach, and that’s the point: there’s a place for everyone in CAA.

With that in mind, CAA developed a mission statement that has guided the events and projects we host. The mission statement of CAA is:

To create and foster a close-knit community of non-believers and to put a positive face on atheism through education, public outreach and community service.

We hope that everyone in the Charlotte area without a belief in gods will find a spot within Charlotte Atheists & Agnostics. The group has thousands of members online, dozens of whom actively participate in group events. Whether you’d like to suggest ideas for the group or just have a drink and good conversation with friendly people, we hope to make CAA a home for you too.

CAA Facts:

  • Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics has over 1,600 registered members throughout the metro area
  • We are affiliated with Secular Coalition for AmericaAmerican AtheistsAtheist Alliance AmericaAmerican Humanist Association,  Carolinas Secular Association, Secular Coalition for North Carolina, & Charlotte Coalition of Reason.
  • We welcome and encourage membership from persons of diverse social and economic backgrounds, political views, race, sexual orientation/identities, and all age groups
  • CAA was started in 2002 as social group for like-minded people in the area
  • We are active in the community and regularly participate in volunteer and charity events
  • We organize multiple events each month to promote and foster our community such as: a social dinner, book club meetings, camping, secular youth group meetings, and family events like our annual Garden of Eatin’ Picnic.
  • As we continue to grow, we intend to expand our volunteer efforts in the community, have guest speakers and raise awareness of non-belief through public events