Welcome to the new Charlotte Atheists & Agnostics Website!

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Charlotteatheists.org has had an overhaul. With that overhaul comes some cool features we wan’t to tell you about. For existing users and subscribing members be sure to read the “Already a Subscribing Member?” and “Password not working?” sections at the bottom of this post.

The Forums Are Back

caa_forumsOver time with the rise in popularity of our Facebook Group the Forums fell into disuse. Further the site got plagued by spam and made the forums very unappealing. After some Cleanup they were transferred over to the new site and reopened.


Subscribe-able Event Calendar

caa_calendarThe new events calendar automatically imports events from our Meetup Page. Further users can now subscribe directly to the calendar with their Smartphone, Google Calendar, or any platform that supports the ICS format.


More Social Media Connections

caa_social_mediaOn the old site users could sign in using their Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts. The new site has expanded on that convenient sign in method by allowing registration with 7 different platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram, Amazon, and Windows Live.


Polling System (WIP)

caa_pollingIn development is a polling system that will allow the Planning & Social Committees gather valuable data about CAA members. With this data leadership will better be able to plan events that meet the wants and needs of the membership.


Integrated Store

caa_shopIt used to be that if users wanted to purchase merchandise from CAA they had to use disconnected Google forms, or go through our Zazzle store. Not anymore. The new site has an integrated store where users can browse what we have, buy it, and have their order filled without that clunky disconnect.


Integrated Membership System

caa_memberOn the new site, dues paying members can now track and adjust their memberships to fit their needs. It used to be that memberships were tracked by hand and this made it difficult to keep up with. However due to this new tracking method dues can last one full year instead of until the end of the calendar year. More bang for the buck!


Already a Subscribing Member?

Subscribing memberships from the old site can be carried over to the new site. First you will need to cancel you current subscription in PayPal. Click Here for instructions on how to do that. Then register or log in to the new site and select the membership level that best fits your needs. Follow the prompts then you are all set.

Note: Subscribing members are not registered users, they are dues paying members that are using the subscription method to pay their dues. Registered users are NOT required to pay money to use the site/CAA Social Media, or attend regular events.


Password not working?

The vast majority of users carried over to the new site, as well as all of their forum posts. User passwords did not. To set a new password Click Here and follow the instructions. If after putting in your email address it says the email is invalid that means your user account didn’t transfer or never existed. Otherwise you should quickly get an email with a password reset link. (Remember to check your spam filter)

Errors on the Site?

If you notice anything broken on the site send us a message using our contact form or post something on one of our social media pages. (Links in the sidebar)

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